We are waiting for your reservation request and we will tell you more about our villa!

We are a wonderful little family business, and to make your experience with us memorable, we also wrote down the booking conditions that apply to all reservations: Please make reservations through the DinnerBooking system or, in the case of a larger group, via the form below. Phone we do not reserve places on the road. The place is guaranteed by the receipt of an advance payment invoice (possibility of payment by payment card in DinnerBooking, payment deadline by agreement for private reservations). The bill is for food (including water and coffee/tea) (except special events). Drinks and children's barbecue can be paid on site in cash or by card. If your reservation is canceled by us (technical error in the reservation system, Lahepere Villa team falling ill, etc.), DinnerBooking will refund you via the Mastercard or Visa system, which may take up to 2 weeks. Please consider this. We process the refund of the membership fees paid by bank transfer within 1 working day. For reservations (except private event reservations) that are canceled earlier than 48 hours before the event, we issue a gift card or agree on a new date. Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund the advance payment for reservations made later than 48 hours, and we recommend that you find a new owner for the "voucher" yourself. If this is not possible, we will apply a fine amount of 50% of the reservation in case of cancellation. The booking fee for private events is only refundable for cancellations made 21 days or more prior to the event (except for weddings where we do not refund advance payments). Please inform us of special requests (allergies, intolerances or children's roast) at least 48 hours before dinner. We cannot guarantee all the details, and Lahepere Villa does not take any responsibility for allergies or food intolerances that are not reported in time. Please park in the Kloogaranna parking lots and walk to us from there. We are located in the forest, so the road can be muddy and slippery! We ask that you find a pet sitter for the evening. Unfortunately, it is not possible to allow them in the room. Small children (0-4 years) are welcome on Saturday afternoons. You can add a note to this effect when making a reservation. See you soon!

Reservations are made through the DinnerBooking environment, where you can choose a suitable day and pay for the reservation immediately: The link is here: To book with a Lahepere Villa Gift card, check the calendar for a suitable date in advance and then send us an e-mail info@ laheperevilla.euPhone: +372 533 20 555 (we do not accept reservations by phone. Mon-Wed phone open for calls 17-20, Sun-Sat 10-15. At other times it is difficult to get in touch by phone, please send an e-mail) E-mail: info @laheperevilla.eu

DUE TO ELRON'S VERY BAD TRAVEL PLAN, LAHEPERE CANNOT RECOMMEND TRAIN RIDE ANYMORE! Take a taxi back to the city! We also have friendly local taxi providers with whom you can arrange your ride in advance: Urmas - 5032515Vallo - 5049508 (larger bus) www.mikrobuss.ee Parking and access : Please park in the parking lots at the end of Ranna tee or Mere tee or next to Mere teik street. Liivaranta road is not suitable for parking, please follow the traffic signs. PS. A forest road leads us, which is muddy in autumn and snowy in winter. Please choose suitable shoes.
If you have special requests or a request for a children's roast (we offer a crispy chicken roast and dessert for children, at the price of 25 EUR), write it down in a comment or send us an e-mail. Make sure that we have places for all children before making a reservation.

For private and larger reservations and questions, send us an inquiry.
Email again: